One of the things about my chosen career is that I am used to all kinds of sex. This makes me very popular with clients, not only do they know me from my profile pictures, but they also know how I perform from my movies. This means that because of the content of my movies I make a very popular and successful anal escort.

If you watch much porn, you will find that the standard, run of the mill movies follow a pretty regular formula. That is girl and boy meet, kiss, get naked, she sucks his dick, he licks her pussy, they fuck, then it turns to anal. Now I think that this is how many of my clients want their relationships to be, and who can blame them. I have to say that when I was with my last boyfriend (boyfriends and porn/escorting don’t mix now by the way!) we had many nights like this.

In fact I think that out of all of my bookings, anal escort dates are the most requested. It is a good job I absolutely love this kind of taboo action! And it is because it is taboo that makes it so popular. The amount of guys who turn up and tell me that their wives or girlfriends totally rule out anal is amazing, these girls just do not know what they are missing.


I was introduced to anal by my first long term boyfriend.

He stated just slipping a wet finger up whilst giving me head and it drove me wild. Before too long we were into full on penetrative sex and if you get yourself in the mood and use the right tools it is relatively painless and really pleasureful. It is all about the foreplay with anal, and this is how I work with my clients, teaching them to get me ready for the full on action.

One thing I have found is that when I have spent time with my clients, I will often get a repeat visit where they look to hone their technique as our first anal escort date has given them enough confidence to make the first steps with their loved one.

So if you are looking for an anal escort, you can see how I operate from any porn movie. Come prepared, we will take our time and I will show you how to seduce any woman’s ass so that she sees anal sex as pleasurable to her, not a treat for him to be endured.