Being based in London and making a career out of being paid to fuck, I find that for many men, sex with escorts offers them something that they cannot get with a long term partner or even a wife. That is a sense of danger and excitement, a sense of wrong doing and a thrill of illicit, taboo sex.

Many of the guys that I meet through my work are happily in relationships, many of them have great sex lives, but they are thrill seekers. I guess this is why things like base jumping and extreme sports are popular, many people like to ride a bike but a few seek more of a buzz and like to ride a bike on top of a building. Well, sex with me is like the top of that building if you understand what I am getting at.

Why my clients choose me

This is why I have to be so aware of my clients needs. They are looking for something that they cannot get elsewhere, they want their sex with escorts to be mind blowing, conscience altering with animalistic thrills. For this reason I keep myself in great shape and also keep my mind focused and on task. When I am with one of my clients my focus is 75% on their needs, ensuring that whatever they need from their experience with me they get and in full. The other 25% is self focused because experience tells me that if I have a good time and derive pleasure from the experience it makes it all the more fulfilling for the guy I am with.

This is why I treat my dates with clients exactly as I treat my porn movies. These days viewers all want something that looks natural, gone are the days where the big demand was for high budget, high cinematic value productions. Now people want natural, warts and all sex on camera, with the minimum of edit, the minimum of fuss. And that is what I endeavor to make the sex with escorts like. If I am enjoying myself I will tell him, if not I will tell him what I want him to do. The fact that he is fucking a porn star escort is usually enough spice for him so I do not need to do anything much more than good hard sex.

It has taken me several years to become adept at delivering the sex with escorts that my clients desire. When I first started I neglected my own pleasure at the expense of the clients, much like when I started in porn, I focused more on the camera than the actual act. This is not a wining strategy for either, and now I feel I am a much better escort for focusing on my own and my partners pleasure and forgetting about the circumstances that brought us together. After all, one of the reasons I started all this was because I just love sex!

Sex with escorts can be a cold and emotionless thing, many of my clients have told me that, but not with me. I am in it for the thrill and the fun and most of all, our mutual pleasure.