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Becoming a porn girl escort


In my last post I told you how I had joined the adult industry as the result of a chance meeting (or two) at a party, now I am going to tell you how I moved on from just staring behind the camera to becoming a porn girl escort.. Read More

Spice things up with your escort with adult sex toys


Hiring a pornstar escort is a dream come true for most men, you will be able to do most of the things that you see in the porn videos and really have the time of your life... Read More

Why guys love a Anal Escort


One of the things about my chosen career is that I am used to all kinds of sex. This makes me very popular with clients, not only do they know me from my profile pictures, but they also know how I perform from my movies.... Read More

Duo porn star escort dates


I love duo porn star escort dates and so do all the girls I know who have taken the same path as me. It is our opportunity to really get intimate with each other without interruption from a camera, as well as a great date as we... Read More

Sex With Escort


Being based in London and making a career out of being paid to fuck, I find that for many men, sex with escorts offers them something that they cannot get with a long term partner or even a wife. That is a sense of danger and excitement... Read More