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Hi, my name is Mia Malkova and I am a fully fledged porn star escort. Yes, that is right, I have been a pornstar for about six years, starred in hundreds of British porn films, been on most of the adult channels and you can also book me for a date, where frankly, anything goes. Now, I have met very few men who have not at some point dreamt of having a hot sexy porn star to themselves for an evening of fun, well with me, your dreams can come true. That is correct, you book me and your own porn star escort fantasies will definitely come true!

Like many girls before me, I fell into the world of porn by accident. I was a bit of a wild child after I left school, loving a hedonistic life style, and being young, fit and good fun to be with, I got invited to loads of parties all around London. It was at one of these parties that I met the guy who was going to change my life. He was really confident and told me that he was a movie producer, but no ordinary movies, from the outset he was clear that if I was interested in working with him then I was to be employed in adult movies. At first I dismissed him out of hand, I had always thought of sex as a private thing and although I was a terrible flirt, I had never been an exhibitionist. It was later that evening, after I got home that I started to think about what the movie producer had told me about and I have to say, I started to regret my haste in turning him down.

Porn star escort work

The thoughts of being a porn star fell to the back of my mind over the next few weeks until another party I was at and who should be there, but Mr Movie Producer. This time I approached him, told him I had been giving his proposal some thought, and we arranged to meet the following day for a coffee near a shoot he was doing. I arrived on time as always and we got chatting. He told me what was expected of me for the kind of shoots he did and also told me how many of his girls earned so much more cash from porn star escort work. I was still interested so he took me along to the shoot. As soon as I got there I was hooked, it was so hot and horny, the guys were hot and muscly and it was all about the girls having a great time. I agreed there and then that I would give it a go.

My first shoot was a straight scene with a well hung guy that involved some anal, oral and a little light bondage. I didn’t need to fake anything and came several times, it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life up until that point. Over the next few weeks I experienced more sexually than I had done in my entire life up until that point. I even found out that I had a real taste for girls as well.